Saturday, September 1, 2012


In Exodus 16:36, there is an interesting final verse after a section about Manna, God's provision of heavenly bread.   Some of the Manna was to be saved as a witness, an "omer" of it as a testimony for future generations.  Then there is the parenthetical clarifying statement that closes out the chapter.   "An omer is a tenth of an ephah."  

Why that statement?  Was this for future generations of math lovers?   Some things are black and white, like 2 + 2 will always be 4?   A statement that reminds us of basic order and structure with God's sustaining hands?   An encouragement that some things are to be measured carefully?  Calculated provision can be a precise witness and testimony?

At a Harrisburg Senators baseball game last night we saw two home runs hit.   Two (h)omers.    The witness of thousands made any further measurement unnecessary.    Preset rules make the game what it is.   Not unlike God's calculated and measured guidelines for abundant living?