Saturday, February 6, 2016

Nothing Political

I went to my first ever Caucus last week and was fascinated.   One of the speeches that caught my attention was given by a Lutheran Pastor.   I don't remember who he was speaking in favor of, but I remember his initial narrative.  He commented that some candidates are so popular right now because people want a king.  The fear, confusion, disillusionment, bad economy, unsafe world, threats to our national security.....the people want a strong personality who will take charge and turn everything upside down and fix it and rule and lead with strength.   The people want a king.

Sounds much like the Old Testament, doesn't it?  The people wanted a king.  So God gave them a king.  But the desire of God is to be our king.

So, nothing political here.   Our hope is in Jesus and Jesus only.  He is King.

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