Friday, August 3, 2012


One of the things I've been amazed at in watching the Olympics is the power of team.   The synced diving was phenomenal.   The rowing competitions were marvelous.   I mean, how do they keep those boats going in such a straight path when they are looking back but racing forward?

There must be some lesson there......facing backward, identifying a point "back there"  in order to journey forward with a team of people going the same direction.   Like looking back to the cross of Christ as sufficient to chart a straight path into the future.  

The team sports intrigue me.   There is an equal level of individual participation and effort, but the best is brought out with a team.   What is not seen is the commitment and hard work behind the scenes in preparing for events.   Team building.   Not easy....but when a team of people does something together for the Kingdom, synced to the heartbeat of God, what a glorious thing.

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